Call07755India - Terms and Conditions

Call07755India service is a prepaid service. You are required to pay a service activation fee each month which will enable use of the access code for calling India. If you have purchased or subscribed to Call07755India service, you will see payment of 5 from Call07755 on your Three mobile pay monthly bill, or a payment deducted from your Pay As You Go credit balance.

You pay for the Call07755India service and authorise payment confirmation by entering the purchase verification code.

Your access to the Call07755India service shall expire one calendar month from the date you purchased the service.

There is a fair usage limit for Call07755India which is published from time to time on the Call07755 website. This fair usage limit is subject to change at our discretion and without notice. Once the fair usage limit is reached in any month, no further calls to India from your phone will be permitted.

The fair usage limit applies regardless of how many times in any one month the Call07755India service has been purchased.

The subscription or activation charges may only be used to allow access for using the Call07755India service. You are not entitled to receive any cash refund at any time, including where you fail to use the service or where this Agreement has been terminated.

This service is provided by us on a reasonable endeavours basis and should not be relied upon for emergency calls or other essential communications.

Each subscription or activation payment is including VAT.